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Gran Hotel Spa Marmolejo offers you a great variety of routes and activities to enjoy Jaén and its surroundings. Do not miss these unique opportunities.

Activities in the middle of nature
Sierra de Andújar, the area of Spain with the biggest population of lynxes in a protected space, is the ideal place to hike or to make bike excursions. On autumn, it is the ideal landscape for searching and collecting mushrooms. The whole year is a good moment to enjoy the Campiña de Jaén.

Traditional Andalusian towns
The heritage of humanity cities, Úbeda and Baeza, or the towns like Martos and Cazorla are a safe bet to discover the centenary places full of culture and tradition.

The cuisine of the area is rich and diverse. One of the essences of the gastronomy of the area is the oil, which provides the seal of identity of the olive trees of the land. The best way to enjoy a nice lunch is at a table with a variety of tapas and wine, a perfect combination for an Andalusian evening.

Jaén in 40 minutes. Traditionally, Jaén has been a transitory and frontier place because through its lands lived several millenary cultures, and even where Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in peace for centuries. A stroll between the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin and the Arabic Baths will be enough to fall in love with this cultural paradise.