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We inform you of several activities that you can do during the whole year:

-In the area it is possible to visit some oil mill where the procedure for obtaining olive oil is explained, from collection to bottling and the different oil classifications that exist.
-At the area of Andujar you can visit the old town where it is located the Church Santa María La Mayor (where some paintings of El Greco can be visited, for example “Agony in the Garden”), the Church San Miguel or the Church of San Bartolomé.
-Visit the natural site of Sierra de Andújar. It is ideal for nature, photography and adventure lovers who want to spend a fun day in the centre of Sierra Morena, where we can also find the "Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza". The oldest pilgrimage in Spain, held on the last Sunday of April.
-Hiking routes and mountainbike. At our mountains take place some triathlon and duathlon trials, qualifying for the Andalusian and Spanish tournament.
-Yeguas swamp, where you can practice canoeing and sport fishing.
- One of the long-distance paths, the GR-48, runs through our mountain range. It starts in Huelva and ends in Jaén. All the information about the GR-48 is available at:

Note: These activities are on behalf of the clients, but the hotel will facilitate the needed information.


The mountains of Andújar are the area of Spain with the biggest community of lynxes


Deer hunting is one of the biggest hobbies of the locals, as well as for some clients that are staying at the hotel


It is an ideal place to search and collect mushrooms during the autumn months. Red pine mushrooms, wild mushrooms or parasol mushrooms are some of the species that you can find only a few kilometres away from the hotel